Blind Spot

  • Blindlings / Zauberwald / Medusa (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2008-2009 | Love, Thriller | Germany

Shooting data

Number of shooting days24
LocationsSpitzingsee, München, Allgäu

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie83
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Picture material negativeHDV
Picture material positive35mm
Sound formatDolby SR (4 channels)

Brief synopsis

In this tale of broken trust and the false prejudices that arise when love is lost, Max “kidnaps” his ex-girlfriend Eva, to take her to a romantic mountain cottage, where he hopes to finally talk things out. They never get there. After their car breaks down in a snowbound forest, Max leaves to find the cottage on foot, Eva stays behind in the car. Max is soon lost in the forest. In the clutch of the blistering cold, the border between memory and reality begins to blur. When an old hermit appears on the scene, they are both unsure if he will bring salvation – or death.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Mirkus HahnMax [L]
Barbara RomanerEva [L]
Klaus StiglmeierBoris [L]


Director of photographyAxel König
DirectorWolfgang Weigl
1st AD (local system)Florian Puchert
EditorWolfgang Weigl
Makeup artist / hair stylistEsther Behrendt
ProducerDaniel Baur
ProducerWolfgang Weigl
ProducerOliver Simon
ProducerTobias Bräuhauser
Delegate producerFranziska An der Gassen
Unit production managerTobias Bräuhauser
ScreenwriterWolfgang Böhm
ScreenwriterFlorian Puchert
ScreenwriterWolfgang Weigl
Production sound mixerEdwin Akpomuje
Production sound mixerPeter KautzschHauptdreh
Sound re-recording mixerAndre Bendocchi-Alves
Sound re-recording mixerChristoph Merkele
Sound designerAndre Bendocchi-Alves
Foley artistWolfi Müller
Stuntman/womanMichael Jürgensen
Motion graphics designerBjörn Dunne

Production companies

K5 Film GmbH [de]Co-Produktionsfirma
Piratenfilm - Bräuhauser Vervloet Weigl GbR [de]


Cameras and UtilitiesMovietube Rental
Lighting and UtilitiesWarmoth Films
Transportation, Travel and AccomodationBuchbinder Autovermietung, Car Partner Nord GmbH


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Tobias Bräuhauser2009Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2009ProduktionNominated
Wolfgang Weigl2009Starter Filmpreis der Stadt MünchenKinofilmNominated
Wolfgang Weigl2009Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2009Beste RegieNominated
Wolfgang Böhm2009Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2009Bestes BuchNominated
Barbara Romaner2009Förderpreis Deutscher Film 2009Schauspiel weiblichNominated
Wolfgang Weigl2010LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood [us]Feature Award of MeritWinner
Wolfgang Weigl2010Los Angeles Movie Awards [us]Award of ExcellenceWinner
Wolfgang Weigl2010Alsaka International Film Festival [us]Grand Jury AwardWinner
Wolfgang Weigl2010Atlanta Underground Film Festival [us]Best Foreign FeatureWinner
Axel König2010Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood [us]Best CinematographyWinner