Brief synopsis

    The film is comprised of 10 ten-minute shorts by ten of the most popular directors in Sudamerica (South America). July 18th, 1994 is the date upon which terrorists parked and detonated a bomb-laden van in front of the AMIA Building, killing 86 people and wounding over 300 others. Each Director portrays his or her memory and impression of that day in their own unique and stylized way. The ten short films are shown in a sequence which flows smoothly and cannot avoid drawing out an emotional reaction from the viewer.


    director of photographyAbel Peñalba35 mm. (Episode: 'Lacrimosa')
    directorAlberto LecchiEpisode: La Llamada
    directorLucía CedrónEpisode: Mitzvah
    directorDaniel BurmanEpisode: Untitled
    directorMarcelo SchapcesEpisode: La ira de Dios
    directorAlejandro DoriaEpisode: La vergüenza
    directorCarlos SorinEpisode: La Memoria
    directorAdrián CaetanoEpisode: 86
    directorAdrián SuarEpisode: Surprise
    directorMauricio WainrotEpisode: Lacrimosa
    directorJuan Bautista StagnaroEpisode: La comedia divina

    Production companies

    Aleph Producciones S.A. [ar]Episode: La comedia divina
    Burman Dubcovsky Cine (BD Cine) [ar]Episode: Untitled
    Cinema Digital [ar]Episode: Lacrimosa
    Cinetauro [ar]Episode: Mitzvah
    Cooperativa Kaos [ar]Episode: La ira de Dios
    Guacamole Films SA [ar]Episode: La Memoria
    Patagonik Film Group [ar]Episode: La vergüenza
    Pol-ka Producciones [ar]Episode: Surprise
    Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero [ar]Episode: 86
    Zarlek Producciones [ar]Episode: La Llamada