Video Installation | 2007

Project data

Length of movie12 Min
Picture material positive16mm

Brief synopsis

Two screen video projection loop transferred from 16mm with a duration of 12min.
Six isolated people live in their apartments, side by side, oblivious to each other and the violent process of deterioration happening to them and their apartments.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Cornelia BrelowskiClean Woman [SR]
Norbert DeckerTV Man [SR]
Michael Arndt GastaudMessy [SR]
Edith HermannWoman [SR]
Johanna KunigSick Girl [SR]
 Wolfram von StauffenbergBiker [SR]


director of photographyKenzo Guzman
director of photography Carlos Andres Lopez
1st assistant cameraDaniele Fermani
directorReynold Reynolds
lighting assistant Carlos Andres Lopez
producer Lina Schuller
producerPierre Düsing
co-producerMarcela Polgar
assistant art director Carlos Andres Lopez
assistant art directorAndreas Böttger
special effects supervisorCarlos Vasquez

Production companies

Reynold Reynolds Production


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Reynold Reynolds2009TransmedialeDistinction AwardWinner