The French Resistance

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    Docu-Fiction Mini Series | 2007-2008 | France 2 [fr] | History | France

    Brief synopsis

    How does civil society react when facing barbarism? Based on recent research by historians, The Resistance takes a look at France in the 1940s. A collection that tells the story of otherwise anonymous people who fought Vichy and the Nazis in June 1940, and traces the unknown fate of those who risked their lives to save Jews.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Bernard BlochJoseph Weil [L]
    Sophie GourdinBarrot Madeleine [L]
    Michel LaroussiRapoport David [L]
    Xavier BoulangerAndré Vellay [SR]
    Johannes Oliver HammTheodor Dannecker [SR]
    Matthias Kupfer
    Officier allemand [SR]
    Lucas BlegerAndré Baur [BP]
    Philippe OhrelColonel Passy [BP]


    Director of photographyLubomir Bakchev
    DirectorChristophe Nick
    DirectorPatricia Bodet
    DirectorFélix Olivier
    EditorChristophe Bouquet
    Key hair stylistChristian Gruau
    Additional make up artistSéverine Martin
    ProducerChristophe Nick
    ProducerEmmanuel Giraud
    ScreenwriterAndrew Bampfield
    ScreenwriterChristophe Nick

    Production companies

    Les Films de la Croisade [fr]
    Yami 2 [fr]