©Tarantula Luxembourg/Tarantula Belgique/Urban Factory
©Tarantula Luxembourg/Tarantula Belgique/Urban Factory

Brief synopsis

After breaking up with his girlfriend and quitting his job, Simon went back to his small hometown in the countryside where he met with his old friend, Julien. The two unemployed men in their early thirties decide to realize an old teenage dream: to hit the road on an adventurous journey living off seasonal jobs. They buy a mobile home, but their departure is cut off by an unexpected event. Stuck in their own village, their road trip still takes place, leading them to a crossroad where they will take different paths…


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Arthur DupontSimon [L]
Guillaume GouixJulien [L]
Jean-Paul BonnaireLuc [SR]
Claudine PelletierMonique [SR]
Jackie BerroyerJean-Marie [SR]
Anne-Pascale ClairembourgSylvie [SR]
Gilles SoederConcessionnaire [SR]
Eugénie AnselinMaya [SR]
Arnaud BronsartStéphane [SR]
Gwen BerrouVirginie [SR]
Pierre NisseVincent [SR]
Jean-Francois WolffGérard [SR]
Jérôme VaranfrainMathieu [SR]
Catherine SaléeValérie [SR]
Mounir BouallevuiMounir [SR]
Gaël MaleuxRaphaël [SR]
Archibald HimbertCédric [SR]
Edwige BailyCharlotte [SR]
Gaëtan ServaisGaëtan [SR]


Director of photographyManuel Dacosse
Camera operatorFederico D'Ambrosio
Costume designerIsabelle Dickes
DirectorFrançois Pirot
EditorAlbertine Lastera
Key makeup artistVéronique Dubray
ProducerDonato Rotunno
ProducerJoseph Rouschop
ProducerClément Duboin
Production designerFrançois Dickes
Unit managerBenoît Baverel
ScreenwriterFrançois Pirot
ScreenwriterJean-Benoit Ugueux
ScreenwriterMaarten Loix
Production sound mixerBenoit De Clerck
Sound re-recording mixerPhilippe Grivel

Distributing companies

Urban Distribution International (UDI) [fr]


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 29/08/2012