Looking for Alaska

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    Limited series | Episodes 1-8 | 2019 | Hulu | Drama, Romance, Teenager | USA


    Brief synopsis

    Miles “Pudge” Halter is searching for a deeper perspective in life and decides to enroll at the boarding school Culver Creek Academy. He finds loyal friends and falls in love with Alaska Young. After an unexpected tragedy, the close group of friends tries to cope with everything they’ve been through and find some answers along the way.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Charlie PlummerMiles Halter [SS]Sebastian Fitzner
    Kristine FrosethAlaska Young [SS]Magdalena Höfner
    Denny LoveThe Colonel [SS]Julius Jellinek
    Jay LeeTakumi [SS]Bastian Sierich
    Sofia VassilievaLara Buterskaya [SS]Janka Horakova
    Landry BenderSara [SS]Daniela Molina
    Uriah SheltonLongwell [SS]Tobias John von Freyend
    Jordan ConnorKevin [SS]David Brizzi
    Timothy SimonsThe Eagle [SS]Peter Lontzek
    Ron Cephas JonesDr. Hyde [SS]Rainer Gerlach
    Marya [BP]Josefin Hagen


    Director of photographyRamsey Nickell
    Casting directorPatrick Rush
    DirectorClea DuVall
    DirectorMegan Griffiths
    DirectorBrett Haley
    DirectorSarah Adina Smith
    DirectorRashaad Ernesto Green
    DirectorAmi Canaan Mann
    DirectorRachel Lee Goldenberg
    DirectorJosh Schwartz
    ComposerSiddhartha Khosla
    Production designerAaron Osborne
    CreatorJosh Schwartz
    Literary sourceJohn Green


    Sound (Postproduction)Interopa Film GmbHgerman dubbing


    2020FranceSéries ManaScreenings Made in USA


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingGermanyJoyn [de]Wednesday, 01/01/2020
    First showingUSAHuluFriday, 18/10/2019