Poster | ©Maren Bergmann
©Maren Bergmann
Short Film | 2019-2021 | Coming of Age, Drama | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting16/08/2019
End of shooting21/08/2019
Number of shooting days6

Project data

Length of movie16 Min.

Brief synopsis

Amir, Frieda, Esther und Sascha are best friends since they where little. The rooftop of the high-rise where they also live, is their favorite place. But then they are growing up and each of them is doing their own stuff. Sascha invited them a last time on the rooftop before the summer ends and each of them is going to do their own thing. Between the fear that everything will chances and the fear of doing something new, they began to tumble through the night. Frieda wants to get them new alcohol. Amir want to prevent Frieda from stealing it because Tarik who is working in the shop this night has enough problems with the the police. Frieda is drunken. Suddenly Tarik is there and Frieda holds a weapon in his hands.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Michael Jurischn.a. [L]
Samy Abdel Fattahn.a. [L]
Iris IllievichEsther [L]
Derya FlechtnerSascha [L]
Noah TinwaRafi [SR]
Armin WahediTarik [SR]


Steadicam operatorKevin Bose
1st assistant cameraJaro Weiter
DirectorNicola Scholz
1st AD (local system)Markus Scheermesser
Script continuityLisa Carstensen
GafferKai Otte
Lighting technician / electricianLouis Faber
Lighting technician / electricianMax Rocholl
Makeup artist / hair stylistAmelie Wolfart Arik
Fx makeup artistAlexandre da Costa Barbosa
ComposerHans Hafner
ComposerBartosz Bludau
Set manager/ floor managerMaximilian C. Fischer
Set manager/ floor managerMaximilian Fischer [2]
ScreenwriterNicola Scholz
Production sound mixerMichelle Romero Pasternack