Arthur and the Minimoys

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    TV Series | Episodes 1-26 | 2016-2017 | Canal J [fr], Disney Channel, Gulli [fr] | Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy | France

      Brief synopsis

      Arthur is a bright, clever and lively 10 year-old who spends his vacations at his favorite grandmother’s house. And talk about vacations! Inside her garden there is a world invisible to the human eye. The world of… the MINIMOYS!

      One day, Arthur discovers a secret passageway that enables him to enter their world and become a MINIMOY himself! In fact, he becomes THE MINIMOY SAVIOR, helping these minuscule little people fend off all sorts of danger, including invasions by the armies of Maltazard, the MINIMOYS’ sworn enemy, a despot who rules over the SEIDES.

      A dreamer and a bit of a loner, Arthur suddenly becomes a fearless hero, and along with his friends Selenia and Betameche, he is going to lead the little people to freedom. But with a trio like this, the road to victory is going to be full of surprises.



      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      [de] Selenia [L]Anouk Elias


      AccountantStéphane Saliou
      2nd ADMathieu Roumegoux
      Vfx supervisorQuentin Cordonnier
      Compositing supervisorTina Dardenne-Fallet
      Character designerJocelyne Craveri
      Character designerAnthony Huyn
      3d animation directorArnaud de Mullenheim
      3d modelerFabrice Delapierredirecteur de modélisation
      3d modelerMohammed Manganesuperviseur de modélisation
      3d modelerArnaud Letaydécors
      3d modelerBrice Margouxpersonnages
      3d modelerMatthieu Bidaultdécors
      3d modelerMatthieu Briolatpersonnages
      3d modelerVincent Defourdécors
      3d modelerJoris Debayedécors
      3d modelerKarim Eltamerpersonnages
      3d modelerBenjamin Mariottedécors
      DirectorPierre Alain Chartier
      Director (dubbing)Eckart Goebelgerman
      Director (dubbing)Céline Rontéfrench
      Storyboard artistSébastien Mainettesupervisor
      Storyboard artistPierre Lescaassistant
      Storyboard artistAurélie Gomezassistante
      EditorCédric Chaveau
      EditorYann Lequeuxanimatiques
      EditorFlorence Aillerieanimatiques
      Assistant editorEstelle Azincourt
      ProducerThomas Anargyros
      ProducerKatell France
      Associate producerMatthieu ThollinEuropacorp
      Business affairsOlivier Nomen
      Legal affairsMickaël Guilbaud
      Legal affairsMarie-Clémence MallecourtEuropacorp
      Line producerNatalie AltmannEuropaCorp Television
      Senior stage managerHélène Waniowski
      Production coordinatorAudrey LegrayEuropacorp
      Assistant production managerAnne Blind
      ScreenwriterClélia Santi
      Script editorAlain Serluppus
      Script coordinatorClaire Bataille
      Dubbing editorFirman Sukarja Kartiwa
      Adr recordistMarco SchrodiGerman Version