Feature Film | 2019 | Croatia, Switzerland
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    Brief synopsis

    Mare is a story of a woman who lives with her husband (an airport security guard) and four children near the airport in Dubrovnik. When Goran moves next door and the two of them fall in love, Mare embarks on a journey into a parallel universe that has little to do with her everyday life.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    Marija Škaričić
    Goran Navojec
    Goran Bogdan


    director of photographyErol Zubčević
    directorAndrea Štaka
    producerAndrea Štaka
    producerTena Gojić
    producerThomas Imbach
    screenwriterAndrea Štaka

    Production companies

    Dinaridi Film [hr]
    Okofilm Productions GmbH [ch]