Feature Film | 2010-2011 | Latvia, Russia

Shooting data



  • DOLINA ROZ / THE VALLEY OF ROSES - R: Dmitriy Cherkasov - 2010


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Brief synopsis

A man named Noonoo finds himself in strange deserted place on the seashore – a place where fishermen dwell. Away from civilisation, nationalities and endless race for survival. Noonoo gets a job in a local tavern “The Valley of Roses”, run by Stepanych – an old fishermen. Sharing joys and pains with him, cooking delicious food, Nonoo gets a taste of life again.
This carefree life ends with the arrival of a girl named Maya. Something Noonoo has escaped from previous life caught up with him again….


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Anatoly BelyiNoono [L]
Julia SnigirMaya [L]
Vitaly HaevStepanych [L]
Oksana FanderaSofia [L]
 Gundars Abolins
Der Grieche [BP]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyAndrey Kotorzhenko
Castingcasting directorTatyana Ochischalkina
Costume Departmentcostume designerCatherine Liepa
Director's DepartmentdirectorDmitriy Cherkasov
EditingeditorYaroslav Smirnov
MusiccomposerAndrey Feofanov
ProducerproducerAndrey Feofanov
ProducerproducerRoman Morozov
Production Designproduction designerAivars Zukovskis
ScreenplayscreenwriterOleg Antonov