Sense and Senselessness of Violence under Special Consideration of its Causes

  • Sinnigkeit und Unsinnigkeit von Gewalt Unter Besonderer Berücksichtigung der Ursachen (German title)
  • Des Pudels Kern (Working title)
Short Film | 2017-2018 | Germany

Main data

Shooting data

Number of shooting days2

Project data

Length of movie6:44 Min.
Picture formatCinemascope (1 : 2,39)


  • DES PUDELS KERN - R: Richard Wilde - 2017

Brief synopsis

Eine philosophische Abhandlung in 5 Teilen.


The film deals with a discussion that runs counter to what is generally expected in an unexpected way. The analysis of the controversies leads to a deeper understanding of the concepts and the situation, which either dissolves or reinforces the contradiction in perspective.

(Quelle: Aug & Ohr Medien)


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Benjamin Levent Krause
Heinrich [L]
 Mathias SartorLuzifer [L]
 Richard WildeDer Wiederholer [SR]


Camera Departmentdirector of photographyThomas Eingartner
Camera Department1st assistant cameraLinus Einsiedler
Costume Departmentcostume designerChristian Schiener
Director's DepartmentdirectorRichard Wilde
EditingeditorLinus Einsiedler
Lightinglighting designerSebastian Schmidt
ProducerproducerRichard Wilde
Production Designproduction designerChristian Schiener
ScreenplayscreenwriterRichard Wilde
Screenplayco-writerChristian Schiener

Production companies

 Filmproduktion Laspire GmbH