Feature Film | 2016-2017 | Love | Indonesia

Main data

DirectorSalman Aristo
Written bySalman Aristo
ProductionRumah Film [id]

Shooting data

Start of shooting12.11.2016
End of shooting12.12.2016

Project data

Length of movie122 Min.

Brief synopsis

An anniversary celebration ends badly for a couple, Alya and Bima. The impact does not only affect them but also other couple, Chorina and Din. Two couples who are also best friends trapped in an honest truth when they learn that they secretly admire and love their best friend’s partner.
Quelle: rumahfilm.co/project-02


ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
 Olivia Lina GascheKristina [SR]
 Marina GuerriniRegula [SR]
 Marco MichelJonas [SR]
 Jonas RüeggAlbert [SR]


Director's DepartmentdirectorSalman Aristo
ScreenplayscreenwriterSalman Aristo

Production companies

Rumah Film [id]