#Direnayol | © Kanka Productions / Stefan Fähler
Documentary | 2013-2016 | Politics, Society | Turkey

Main data

DirectorRüzgâr Buşki
Written bySenem Donatan (co-writer), Rüzgâr Buşki (co-writer)
ProductionKanka Productions

Shooting data


Project data

Length of movie60
Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 Kanäle)

    Brief synopsis

    resistayol accompanies trans* activist Şevval Kılıç during the 21st Istanbul LGBTI Pride caught up in the reflexions of carnivalesque Gezi Park Uprising. #resistayol is a turbulent audiovisual journey witnessing a wind of hope, humour, and solidarity wished to be remembered in the politics of Turkey today.

    (Quelle: http://www.kankaproductions.com/en/hashtagdirenayol)


    Camera Departmentdirector of photography Zara Zandieh
    Director's DepartmentdirectorRüzgâr Buşki
    Director's Department1st assistant directorSenem Donatan
    Director's Department2nd2nd resp. 3rd AD Zara Zandieh
    EditingeditorRüzgâr Buşki
    Editingassistant editorNoam Gorbat
    Editingassistant editor Zara Zandieh
    Editingassistant editor Orkan Bayram
    MusiccomposerGizem Oruç
    MusicSongİlksen Gürsoy

    Production companies

    Kanka Productions