Belle and Sébastien

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    Feature Film | 2012-2013 | Adventure | France

    Brief synopsis

    Our story takes place high up in the alps.
    There where the snow is immaculate, where chamois chase marmots, where the summits touch the clouds.
    High up in a peaceful village - until the day the Germans arrive.
    It's the story of a lonely boy and a wild dog.
    The story of Sébastien who tames Belle.
    It's the adventure of an indestructible friendship.
    It's the extraordinary tale of a resourceful and appealing child in the middle of World War Two.
    It's the odyssey of a little boy searching for his mother, of an old man searching for his past, of a member of the Resistance searching for love, of a young woman looking for adventure, of a German lieutenant searching for forgiveness.
    It's the life of Belle and Sébastien…


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Félix BossuetSébastien [L]
    Tchéky KaryoCésar [L]
    Margaux ChâtelierAngélina [SR]
    Dimitri StorogeDocteur Guillaume [SR]
    Andreas Pietschmann
    Lieutenant Peter [SR]
    Urbain CancelierLe maire [SR]
    Jan Oliver Schroeder
    Hans [SR]


    1st ADOlivier Horlait
    Director of photographyEric Guichard
    2nd unit dopLaurent CharbonnierTiere
    Casting directorKristin Diehlegerman roles
    Costume designerAdélaïde Gosselin
    DirectorNicolas Vanier
    EditorStéphanie Pedelacq
    EditorRaphaëlle Urtin
    GafferStéphane Assié
    ComposerArmand Amar
    ProducerClément MiserezRadar Films
    ProducerGilles LegrandÉpithète Films
    ProducerMatthieu WarterRadar Films
    ProducerFrédéric BrillionÉpithète Films
    Production designerSébastian Birchler
    Unit production managerPhilippe Gautier
    Unit managerBenoît Charrié
    ScreenwriterJuliette Sales
    ScreenwriterFabien Suarez
    Production sound mixerEmmanuel Hachette
    Animal trainerAndrew Simpson [1]

    Production companies

    Radar Films [fr]
    Epithète Films [fr]
    Gaumont [fr]


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFrance6ter [fr]Sunday, 03/05/2020, 9.05 PM


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 18/12/2013