Sie heißt jetzt Lotte - Plakat | © Sabine Finger

Call her Lotte!

  • Sie heisst jetzt Lotte! (German title)
Short Feature Film | 2013 | Drama, History | Germany


  • SIE HEISST JETZT LOTTE! - R: Annekathrin Wetzel - 2013
  • SIE HEISST JETZT LOTTE! - R: Annekathrin Wetzel - 2013

Brief synopsis

The deep friendship between young Maria and her Jewish friend Lea gradually starts to break as Maria’s husband Hans goes from being a young adventurer to a high ranking SS officer. But on that infamous first day of the Jewish deportation in Munich, Maria comes to a momentous decision which proves what friendship really means to her. She is risking her own life, wins and loses someone. Maria’s story shows that, in the end, friendship can triumph over terror and death.



ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
Lola DockhornMaria [L]
 Maria EhrichLea [L]
 Kai Malina
Hans [L]
 Peter Kollmann
Heinrich [SR]
 Inga-Gesine HorchlerFotografin [BP]
 Christian GaulHermann Göring


Camera Departmentdirector of photography Christof Wahl3D
Camera Department1st assistant camera Christian ClarenzAlexa M 3D
Camera Department2nd ac second assistant cameraDominik Schäfer3D /Alexa M
Camera Departmentstereographer Florian MaierLead Stereographer
Camera Departmentassistant to stereographerEvelyn Lorenz
Camera DepartmentStereoscopic Technician Andreas Schmidbauer
Camera Departmentstill photographer Sabine Finger
Costume Departmentcostume designer Elena Wegnerhistorisch 30er
Director's DepartmentdirectorAnnekathrin Wetzel
Director's Department1st assistant director Jonathan Werner

Production companies

BR Bayerischer Rundfunk [de]Koproduktion

Distributing companies

 aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency


Department CompanyComment
CameraCameras and Utilities Stereotec
ProductionFinance/Law/InsuranceMecon Media Concept Ltd. [de]Gagenabrechnung (Komparsen)
Production DesignCostumes Sturm Handels GmbHUniformen


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Annekathrin Wetzel20143D Stereo MediaLumiere AwardWinner
Annekathrin Wetzel2014Festiwal 3D Image ŁódźStereo Sisters AwardWinner
 Florian Maier2014Lumiere Awards (Europe Award)Best 3D Short Live ActionWinner
 Florian Maier2014Edinburgh 3D Film Festival [uk]Official SelectionNominated
 Florian Maier2015Lumiere Awards (International Jury)Best 3D Short Live ActionWinner