• Own Drum (Working title)
Short Film | 2013 | Stop Motion | Germany

    Brief synopsis

    Barbie scarifies herself to fulfil social expectations and therefore leads an imposed miserable existence
    in which she is unsatisfied. She wastes her only chance of self-determination through inactivity and
    omission. Realising that she has wasted her only chance to live a happy and fulfilled life whilst her
    real life being an emotional void Barbie tries to find someone to blame. And succeeds.

    Barbie & Ken, the cliché of a perfect straight love, the typical social stereotypes of men and women.
    But as so often appearances are deceiving. A journey through Barbies memories allows us to sneak
    behind the curtain of this ‘perfect couple’. Is Ken gay? Is Barbie addicted to alcohol? Is the path society
    expects us to choose always the right one? (http://www.kaistaenicke.com/own-drum/)


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / Speaker
    KenVolkmar Leif Gilbert


    director of photographyThomas Eirich-SchneiderStop Motion
    directorKai Stänicke
    1st assistant directorTatiana Merizalde Dobles
    editorSusanne Ocklitz
    composerFlorian Tippe
    associate producerMarkus Kaatsch
    production designerFam JohnsenProduction Designer
    assistant production designerHannah Roolf
    foley artistAlmut Schwacke
    puppets makerSusanna Jerger
    puppets makerAnne Breymann
    project managerNicole ThiemertCine Mobil

    Production companies

    aug&ohr medienAssociate Production & Distribution
    Maxim Matthew creations Group GmbH

    Distributing companies

    aug&ohr medienFilm Festival Agency


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Kai Stänicke2016FilmOut San Diego [us]Best Short Film FemaleWinner