Documentary | 2003

Main data

DirectorGrace Lee
Written byGrace Lee
ProductionCredo:Film GmbH [de]

    Brief synopsis

    BEST OF THE WURST is a 20 min. film about one woman's quest to find the best currywurst in Berlin. Using both fiction and documentary elements, this humorous investigation into the mother of all Berlin snackfoods will provide a colourful tour of the neighborhoods and people that make up Berlin, as well as grapple with what it means to be a Berliner today.


    director of photography Marc Rogoll
    directorGrace Lee
    editorTony Froschhammer
    producerJörg Trentmann
    producerSusann Schimk
    unit production managerMarco Mangelliline producer
    screenwriterGrace Lee
    researcherJona Wirbeleit
    researcherGregor Wossilus

    Production companies

    Credo:Film GmbH [de]


    EquipmentLocationsound Berlin [de]