TV Movie | 2009

Main data

DirectorStefan Liberski
Written byGabor Rassov, Jean Pierre Dubois (literary source)
ProductionChic Films [fr]

    Brief synopsis

    efore he inherited the old family chateau, Paul Tanner led a quiet life. His mistake was to decide for sentimental reasons to restore it to its former splendor. Insane stonemasons, delinquent roofers and illuminated electricians all seem to conspire to make his new life hell.


    Director's DepartmentdirectorStefan Liberski
    Production Mgt.production driverGaby Meyers
    ScreenplayscreenwriterGabor Rassov
    Screenplayliterary sourceJean Pierre DuboisRoman

    Production companies

    Chic Films [fr]


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    ProductionProduction Services Location Consulting & Facilitiesfacility Vehicles