IKEA - Besserer Schlaf für alle

  • IKEA - Better Sleep (Working title)
Commercial | 2009


    Camera Departmentdirector of photographyKjell Lagerroos
    Castingcasting director Uwe Bünker
    Costume Departmentassistant to stylist Sabine Bockmeyer
    Director's DepartmentdirectorDavid Lodge
    Gripkey/dolly grip Luigi De Luca
    Lightinggaffer Jan Zscheile
    Lightingelectrician Christian Hitzler
    Production Designproduction designer Dorle Bahlburg
    Production Designassistant art director Sanne Siegel
    Production Mgt.unit manager Tom Wendt
    Production Mgt.set runnerJulie Teuber
    Production Mgt.set runnerBjörn Adelmeier
    Stuntsstunt coordinator Ronnie Paul

    Production companies

     Cobblestone Filmproduktion GmbH


    Department CompanyComment
    In Front of the CameraCasting Uwe Bünker Casting GbR
    ProductionProduction Services SM-Filmdienst FilmfahrzeugeAufenthaltsbus m. WC