Projects saved at Crew United

    2020Naggisch - FrankfurtCommercial
    2019Pradaxa - E-BikerinCommercial
    2019Kaina - Love from another WorldMusic Video
    2019Matt Walden - Uni's not for MeMusic Video
    2019Casualfood - TravelCommercial
    2018Der ShowmanShort Film
    2018Verveine - B to the ErlinMusic Video
    2018RiaShort Film
    2018Venti - SneakershirtCommercial
    2018Rex Kino - Der MarktschreierCommercial
    2018Pradaxa - BikerCommercial
    2018Pradaxa - SkifahrerCommercial
    2018BMW - Der BriefCommercial
    2017TÜV - Football MatchCommercial
    2016Leonie Adam - By my SideMusic Video