Projects saved at Crew United

    2016Bitter KissesShort Filmdirector of photography
    2016Corsa Arabica (Wettbewerbsbeitrag Sophie-Opel-Preis)Short Filmproducer
    2016Corsa Arabica (Wettbewerbsbeitrag Sophie-Opel-Preis)Short Filmeditor
    2016Corsa Arabica (Wettbewerbsbeitrag Sophie-Opel-Preis)Short Filmdirector of photography
    2016Farbenblind / Colourblind (NOT COMPLETED) (WT)Medium Length Filmadditional editor
    2016From the Life of a Clownet (web series)Seriesdirector of photographyFolge 1
    2015C-DateShort Filmco-producer
    2015C-DateShort Filmdirector of photographyBildgestatung, Licht, DoP
    2015Brothers in ArmsShort Filmdirector of photographyBildgestatung, Licht, DoP
    2014OleanderSeries Pilotdirector of photographyBildgestaltung, Licht, DoP
    2014A Bavarian Holiday (WT)Short Filmdirector of photographyBildgestaltung, Licht, DoP
    2014Becoacht - Passion for BallettCorporate Filmdirector of photographyBildgestaltung, Lichtsetzen, 1. Kamera,
    2013The HitchhikerShort Filmdirector of photographyBildgestaltung
    2013The HitchhikerShort Filmco-producer
    2013Du lebst nur einmal (WT)Short Filmdirector of photography1. Kamera, Bildgestaltung