Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019Is That, Like, Your Real Job? (WT)Short FilmRamune [L]
    2017Dreamland (direct-to-VoD)Indie Feature FilmPretty Maid 2 [SR]
    2016The Spirit of the WolfShort FilmGerda Maurus [L]
    2013Baby (a)loneFeature FilmNathalie [SR]
    2012Air Force One is downTV Movie (multi-part)Katya
    2010PhosphorosShort FilmAnna [SR]
    2009The HuntersFeature FilmBernard‘s Secretary [SR]
    2008House of BoysFeature FilmRita [SR]
    2006In A Dark PlacesFeature FilmMs Jessel [SR]
    2005Perl oder PicaFeature FilmMarie-Lou [SR]
    2004The RevengeFeature FilmAnna [SR]