Projects saved at Crew United

    2021LBT - AssayMusic Videoadditional photography
    2018Riot Not DietShort Documentarydirector of photography
    2018Beh name shahrzad Ia Avalin baaghe abjo dar tehranDocumentarydirector of photography
    2015TaraShort Filmunit manager
    2014Fanfiction (WT)Short Filmdirector of photography
    2014Vom SmoličekShort Film1st assistant camera
    2013The Kurds' MoonlandingDocumentarydirector of photography
    2013Out of PlaceShort Filmlighting technician / electrician
    2012SuperjonShort Filmdirector of photography
    2012Leerstelle (WT)Short Filmgaffer
    2010LilliShort Film2nd assistant camera
    2010Ballast (WT)Short Filmdata wrangler / digital loader
    1. Woche
    Feature Film2nd assistant camera1. Woche
    2009Hotel - LoverboyShort Film2nd assistant camera
    2008Resist! Intern rebellionFeature Film2nd assistant camera
    2007SydneyShort Film2nd assistant camera
    2007Mustermann (WT)Short Filmclapper/loader