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Wolfgang Ritzberger
Spechtgasse 342340  MoedlingAustria
Phone+43 664 3004372

    About RitzlFilm

    RitzlFilm is an Austrian production company working on themes which are related to Austria but also of international relevance – interesting, touching and entertaining for audiences outside Austria. To achieve this goal we deliberately cooperate with filmmakers from around the globe, and enjoy the benefits offered by working with diverse project teams.

    Our production company is lean, efficient and independent: we don’t make demands and so are allowed to do almost everything. We just want audiences to watch our movies and enjoy them. That’s why we make them.

    Projects as producer

    2016The Best Of All WorldsFeature FilmAdrian Goiginger
    2015GlänzendDocumentaryWolfgang Ritzberger
    2015Die beste aller WeltenTeaser (Film Concept)Adrian Goiginger
    201212 Karat (Teaser)CommercialAdrian Goiginger
    2007BVA Wien - Image 2007Corporate FilmWolfgang Ritzberger

    Branch offices

    Company data

    Experience abroadEast Asia: Japan
    Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Rumania
    Southern Europe: Italy
    Western Europe: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg
    Date of company foundation2000
    Permanent employees4
    Immediate working areaHead office: Vienna
    Branch offices: Vienna