• Blueberry (Worldwide English title)
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Feature Film | 2002-2004 | Western | France, United Kingdom

    Brief synopsis

    Mike Blueberry, the Marshall of Palomito, tries to preserve the precarious balance existing between the new immigrants and the Native Americans – at the risk of having no place to call his own. But everything gets turned on its head the day a mysterious killer, Wally Blount, burns the town down and stirs up past memories… He’s searching for ‘treasure’ belonging to the Indians. With Runi, his shaman ‘brother’, alongside, Blueberry sets out to track Blount down. But in the heart of the sacred mountains, Blueberry must also wrestles with his inner demons if he’s to set himself free.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Vincent CasselMike Blueberry [L]
    Juliette LewisMaria Sullivan [L]
    Michael MadsenWallace Sebastian Blount [L]
    Ernest BorgnineRolling Star [SR]
    Temuera MorrisonRuni [SR]
    Djimon HounsouWoodhead [SR]
    Geoffrey LewisGreg Sullivan [SR]
    Vahina GiocanteMadeleine [SR]
    Eddie IzzardProsit [SR]
    Tchéky KaryoUncle [SR]
    François LevantalPete the Barman [SR]


    2nd ADOlivier Vergès
    Vfx supervisorRodolphe Chabrier
    Director of photographyTetsuo Nagata
    Costume designer (creator)Chattoune
    Costume designer (creator)Fab
    DirectorJan Kounen
    EditorJennifer Augé
    EditorBénédicte Brunet
    EditorJoel Jacovella
    ComposerJean-Jacques Hertz
    ComposerFrançois Roy
    ProducerThomas Langmann
    ProducerAriel Zeitoun
    Production designerMichel Barthélémy
    Production managerEmmanuel Jacquelin


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 11/02/2004