• Production Company

    Projects as producer

    2018The WitchesDocumentary, SWR [de]Roland May
    2017Re - Menschenhandel in TurinReport (Series), WDR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    201637° Grad - So wie du bist. Kinder von Eltern mit BehinderungenDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]Roland May
    2016Lost Children - 30.000 minors missingDocumentary, ZDF [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2014The Viagra ChroniclesDocumentary, SWR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2014Festung Europa - Europa oder Tod. Die Mission Mare NostrumDocumentary, WDR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2014Palast der GestrandetenDocumentary, WDR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2014Siemens - DC Switch Gear. Die kompakte RevolutionImage FilmRoland May
    2014Siemens - No WahalaImage FilmRoland May
    2013Berlin2ShanghaiDocumentary (Mini Series), EinsPlus (ARD) [de]Roland May
    2013Siemens - Cleaner Power for MajorcaImage FilmRoland May
    2012Meine Traumreise nach IndienDocumentary, SR [de], SWR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2012die story - Die Jagd nach Land. Das globale Geschäft mit fruchtbarem BodenDocumentary (Series), SWR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2012Siemens - China EnergyImage FilmRoland May
    201237° Grad - LiebespflichtDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]Roland May
    2012WDR Weltweit - Talente für DeutschlandReport (Series), WDR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2012Siemens - Longyan Offshore Windpark (China)Image FilmRoland May
    2012Siemens - Transmission ChinaImage FilmRoland May
    2011Die Stadt der Frauen / City of WomenDocumentary, arte, SR [de]Chiara Sambuchi
    2011Siemens - Luz cerca de todosImage FilmRoland May

    Company data

    Experience abroadAustralia and Oceania: New Zealand
    Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Syria
    North Africa: Morocco
    North America: USA
    East Africa: Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda
    East Asia: China
    South Africa: Lesotho
    South America: Argentina, Brazil, Peru
    Southern Europe: Italy, Turkey
    Southeast Asia: India, Vietnam
    West Africa: Senegal
    Date of company foundation2001
    Permanent employees3
    Immediate working areaHead office: Berlin