Documentary | 2015-2020 | Docu | Germany, Switzerland
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Main data

Shooting data

Number of shooting days12
LocationsGelsenkirchen, Bad Oynhausen, Leipzig, Halle, Zürich, Luzern, Bern, Bordeaux

Project data

Budget150 000
Length of movie45 min.

Brief synopsis

Despite diligent efforts to attract media attention, the so-called "Fontanheart Children" are still an quite unknown medical phenomenon:

The blood circulation does not work because just one of the heart chambers is formed correctly. Without surgery, the affected child dies shortly after birth. Affected parents must decide immediately: Will I give my child the chance to live or will I deny any medical support?

But how could you make such a choice, not knowing what exactly that means: A chance for life? What kind of life will that be?

A proper lobby is missing - so that growing Fontan Children are facing - societal as well as political - challenges. For authorities they simply do not exist. And yet, through their uniqueness, they are very important for medical research, which would have to give up any future case without these brave heroes.

This documentary deals with the affected children and young adults, as well as their parents and doctors.

Including Prof. Dr. med. med. Francis Fontan (†), who is speaking in a very personal interview about how he was able to develop the method of surgically producing a functioning blood circulation.

This long-term project is stagnating due to lack of funding. I am pleased about anyone who would like to contribute constructively in the context of re-shooting (current state) and post-production, but is also willing to contribute as a co-producer, sponsor or donor.


sound technicianMichael Stumpp
director of photographySanne Kurz
2nd unit dopAline Laszlo
eng assistant audio/videoAlexander Bley
eng assistant audio/videoChristian Platz
still photographerYvonne Schlame
directorKathrin Phoenix
music producerAlan Reeves
executive soundtrack producerSteven Neuhaus
producerKathrin Phoenix
assistant-/ junior-producerChristian Platz
screenwriterKathrin Phoenix
researcherKathrin Phoenix
enquiry assistanceChristian Platz
interpreterYvonne Schlame

Production companies

Phenex Films

Distributing companies

Wilder Süden Filmverleih [de]