Documentary Series | Episodes 1-6 | 2021-2022 | Disney+ | Agriculture | Germany
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Shooting data

Start of shooting09/06/2021
End of shooting12/05/2022
LocationsBrandenburg, Norwegen, Brasilien, Kenia, USA (New York), UK
Filming regionsGermany - Brandenburg, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom - England, USA - New York

Project data

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    Title designerRobert Mayer
    Director of photographyJohannes Obermaier
    Alexa Mini LF / 75 DT
    Alexa Mini LF / 75 DT
    Director of photographyBernd Effenberger
    Alexa Mini LF - Brazil/Chile
    Alexa Mini LF - Brazil/Chile
    2nd unit dopMaurice Wilkerling
    Additional photographyMaurice Wilkerling
    Alexa Mini LF
    Alexa Mini LF
    Additional photographyMarkus Schindler
    ARRI Mini LF
    ARRI Mini LF
    1st assistant cameraGeorg Lanz
    1st assistant cameraLaura Gehrke
    9 DT
    9 DT
    2nd assistant cameraSarah Ahmad
    2nd assistant cameraCarmen Chow
    Germany, Norway, Kenya, New York / 57 SD
    Germany, Norway, Kenya, New York / 57 SD
    2nd assistant cameraLorenz Zitzelsberger
    Data wrangler / digital loaderCarmen Chow
    Data wrangler / digital loaderSarah Ahmad
    DirectorChristian Cull
    DirectorMartin Tischner
    DirectorPauline Roenneberg
    1st AD (local system)Esra Bonkowski
    EditorAmparo Mejias
    EditorRolf Wilhelm
    EditorKilian Schmid
    GafferDominic Heim
    Lighting technician / electricianIlan Sprafke
    Lighting assistantCaspar von Hollander
    ProducerFidelis Mager
    ProducerOliver Gernstl
    Associate producerEsra Bonkowski
    Location scoutLynn Klockow
    Assistant production managerOrhan Sokoli
    Unit managerSabrina Kleder
    Set manager/ floor managerJohannes Kotzke
    Set manager/ floor managerRuben Hanne
    ShowrunnerMartin Tischner
    IdeaDoris Dörrie
    Production sound mixerAlex Rubin
    Drehblock Brandenburg, 2DT
    Drehblock Brandenburg, 2DT
    Production sound mixerPeter Wuchterl
    Production sound mixerJuliane Vari
    Drehblock Norwegen
    Drehblock Norwegen
    Sound re-recording mixerOliver Görtz

    Production companies

    Megaherz GmbH
    Neos Film GmbH & Co. KG
    in cooperation
    in cooperation


    Cameras and UtilitiesKameraverleih Licht & Ton KLT GmbH (formerly LTGV)
    Lighting and UtilitiesKameraverleih Licht & Ton KLT GmbH (formerly LTGV)
    Transportation, Travel and AccomodationSkyline Destinations Reisebüro