• Production Company
  • commercial production
  • image film production
  • postproduction

    Projects as producer

    2018Audi - Milan Design week 2018Corporate FilmPhuong Herzer
    2018SAP - DFB InnovationCorporate FilmPhuong Herzer
    2018SAP - TSG 1899 Hoffenheim. Taktik & TechnologieCommercialHorst Czenskowski
    2018Audi Football - Fan Challenge 2018CommercialMichael Baumberger
    2018Audi - The Heritage CollectionCommercialPhuong Herzer
    2017Audi - City Lap 2017Corporate FilmPhuong Herzer
    2017SAP Global - SAP und FC Bayern München. Das perfekte Team.CommercialJan Litzinger
    2017Audi - Der TraumCommercialPhuong Herzer
    2017Airbnb - Night atCommercialJan Litzinger
    2016Charmant France - Perfect Comfort 2017CommercialPhuong Herzer
    2016Audi - Audi City LabEvent DocumentaryPhuong Herzer
    2016Audi - Händlermeeting Ibiza 2016Event DocumentaryPhuong Herzer
    2016Audi - Quattro Cup 2016Event DocumentaryPhilip Thorer
    2016Audi - Picking Teams. Behind the StoryImage FilmPhuong Herzer
    2015Audi - Quattro Cup 2015. MexikoImage FilmPhuong Herzer
    2014Charmant Comfort Plus - Wahren Brillen-Komfort erlebenImage FilmDavid Pichler
    2013Audi - IAA Teaser 2013CommercialPhuong Herzer
    2013Goldmann Verlag - Roger Hobbs. Ghostman (Buchtrailer)CommercialPhuong Herzer
    2012Goldmann Verlag - Elisabeth Herrmann. Das Dorf der Mörder (Buchtrailer)CommercialPhuong Herzer
    2012Denk Pharma - Quality for Health. Made in GermanyImage FilmPhuong Herzer

    Company data

    Date of company foundation2011
    Permanent employees8
    Immediate working areaHead office: Munich