Kinospielfilm | 2006 | Liebe | Indien


    Siddu (Siddhardh) is the second son of Arvind (Prakash Raj) and Jayasudha. Prakash Raj is the M.D. of a vast construction company. His family is a big one it consists of his wife, eldest son and his wife, his daughter and her two kids, and his youngest daughter. Sunil is the domestic servant of the family and does all the household chores.

    Siddu has just finished his B.E. and only wants two things from life

    a) A excellent career of his choice and b) To find the right girl and fall in true love, which should ultimately culminate in marriage.

    But, Prakash Raj is an over zealous and caring father. He is the one, who finally decides what is good and bad for Siddu. He does all these things without getting to know the opinions and feelings of others in the family. It is he, who fixes the marriage of Siddu with a girl, who is from a wealthy affluent family without taking into the consideration the view of Siddu.

    All Siddu does is nod his head at the decision taken by his father. By strang
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    GeneliaHasini [HR]
    SiddarthSiddarth [HR]
    MusikKomponistDevi Sri Prasad
    ProducerProduzentDil Raju


    Sri Venkateswara Creations [in]


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