Shut | © Zimmermann / Ohlsen
Kinospielfilm | 2007-2009 | Deutschland


DrehorteRendsburg, Hamburg


SeitenverhältnisTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)


At the exit of a bunker a deadly fight breaks out and the only way out is locked. It all revolves around a mysterious bag, its contents too valuable not to attract a number of reckless gangsters. The bag though is kept safe behind a door with a code lock – its combination as much a mystery as the identity of the man that becomes the central figure in this tale of money, crime and love: Malcolm Bricks, an alleged gangster.

Malcolm awakes in the bunker without any memory of what just happened. Besides three dead bodies Malcolm finds himself confronted with his best friend, Trent Richards, dying and blaming him for a bloody massacre. What did he do? And what is the truth about his feelings for beautiful Jess Corman who appears in the middle of this chaos? She is the sister of the only person that knows the code that will give unhindered access to room #15, the location of the bag.

A cat-and-mouse game without any rules begins and is played with extreme cruelty.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Lee Collin BaxterMalcolm Bricks [HR]
Fiana de GuzmanJess Corman [HR]
Paul GlaserTrent Richards [HR]
Ray StrachanZak Fleming [HR]
 Julia Casper
Jules Campbell [NR]
Michael ChateauTom Romita [NR]
 David MastersonCharlie Corman [NR]
DrehbuchDrehbuchautor Sascha ZimmermannDrehbuch & Co-Story
DrehbuchStory Sascha Zimmermann
DrehbuchStoryMoritz Ohlsen
DrehbuchStorySvenja Kabaloffsky
KameraKameramann/DoP André Götzmann
LichtOberbeleuchter Niko Mölter
MusikKomponistJan Dugge
MusikMusik SupervisorPaul Glaser
Postproduction/VFXColoristin Susi Montgomery
ProducerKoproduzent Sascha Zimmermann


MNO Pictures, Moritz Ohlsen