Universum - Afghanistan. Die blauen Steine der Pharaonen

  • The Lost Mines of the Pharaohs (Internationaler Titel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2001 | ORF [at], ZDF [de] | Abenteuer, Historisch | Österreich


Yet for the last 20 years, through the turmoil of Russian invasion, retaliation, civil war and religious jihad, an American has traveled through Afghanistan in search of fabulous precious stones. This film is the story of this man and his achievements. It follows his journey to the mines he has rediscovered and helped reinvigorate. The lapis lazuli mine is the oldest on the planet. Over 6000 years ago, the precious blue stone was dug by hand and traded to Egypt of the pharaohs.
ProducerProducerWolfgang Knöpfler
RegieRegisseurPaul Reddish
TonFilmtonmeister Joe Knauer


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