The True Story - The Amityville Horror

  • True Story - Amityville (Arbeitstitel)
Doku (Reihe) | 2008 | BBC [uk] | Großbritannien


The quiet village of Amityville, NY took the country by gruesome surprise on November 13, 1974, when police discovered six members of the DeFeo family shot dead in their suburban home. Ronald, the eldest son, was found guilty of the murders. But when a new family moves into the DeFeo's Amityville home, reports of demonic possession and poltergeist activity grab international attention. Through eyewitness accounts and archival footage, we explore the facts behind the Amityville case and reveal new evidence, which suggests a hoax could be behind the horror. (
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 Jules ArmanaRonald De Feo [HR]
RegieRegisseurCrispin Green