In the video, Björk tires of her husband, played by a housecat, and storms out of the house for a night out on the town. She goes to a pub where the soundtrack stops and the locals (including Dokaka) join her for a special performance of the song recorded for the video. She eventually returns back home and rekindles her affections for her cat-husband.

    The making of the video is documented in a bonus feature that appears on The Medúlla Videos DVD. According to the "making of" segment included on the DVD, Björk's drunken fall to the ground was staged with a stunt double. The feature focuses on the auditions for the bar patrons who had to be able to make the noises and sound effects required for the song.
    RegieRegisseurSpike Jonze
    SchnittEditorinRuxandra RadulescuMontage, Compositing


    Spike Jonze Production [us]


    Geschäftsbereich FirmaAnmerkung
    VFX / PostproduktionBild/Schnitt, EditingFrramerMontage/ VFX


    ArtLandSenderDatum / ZeitAnmerkung
    ErstausstrahlungDeutschlandMTVMontag, 28.02.2005