Gemeinsam stirbt sichs besser

  • Dead By Monday (Internationaler Titel)
Kinospielfilm | 1999 | Komödie


    Dead by Monday is a darkly comic tale of love and death... but not necessarily in that order. Julie is a sweet, vulnerable young woman who lacks confidence and is obsessed with the memory of her dead husband whom she idealizes. Alex is an angry writer. Talented but unable to repeat the success of his first novel, he has nothing left to say. Or live for. He just wants to die. Fate introduces these two lost souls at the edge of a cliff. While picking flowers Julie accidentally falls off. Alex, who has come to blow his brains out, is interrupted by her cry for help, just before he pulls the trigger. They part as strangers but their paths cross again when Julie stumbles on the identity of her mysterious rescuer. From that point on, every time he tries to do away with himself, Julie unwittingly manages to foil him. Soon, however, she, too, lapses into despair and wants to end her life when she discovers a devastating secret about her dead husband. The two meet again at a hospital where they've been admitted for psychiatric evaluation. Together they form a suicide pact... and escape. Electrocution, poison, guns... There are so many choices. They never can agree until she has a brainstorm: Niagara Falls! As a child she almost drowned and remembers it as a 'lovely experience'. They set out on their suicidal quest. But life on the road is full of absurd twists, unexpected turns and perilous obstacles. (Quelle: Amazon)
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Helen BaxendaleJulie Matthews [HR]
    Tim DuttonAlex Hiller [HR]
    DrehbuchDrehbuchautorinMyra Fried
    KameraKameramann/DoPMartin Fuhrer
    KamerabühneKamerabühnenassistentinJulia Wille
    MusikKomponistMark Suozzo
    ProducerProduzentinMargrit Ritzmann
    ProducerProduzentUlrich Felsberg
    RegieRegisseurCurt Truninger
    SchnittEditorRonald Sanders


    Road Movies Filmproduktion [de]