Shadow of the Unnamable

  • The Unnamable (Arbeitstitel)
Kurzspielfilm | 2003-2011 | USA


New England in the late 1920ties. The two friends Randolph Carter and Joel Manton spend a sunny autumn afternoon on an old far off 17th century cemetery.

An argument arises, concerning the horror stories written by Carter. Especially one story draws Manton`s sarcasm. It´s centered around a creature so horrifying, that it cannot be named or described: the Unnamable…

Manton, as a schoolteacher and firm believer in science, can´t imagine anything could be truly unnamable. Encouraged by the atmosphere of the old burial ground Carter tells his friend about the origin of that novel. He claims it to be based on a more than 200 years old local legend.

A legend about a strange old man, who was rumored to have a terrible creature locked up in his attic. Manton listens with increasing fascination, as darkness descends on the cemetery. And suddenly they become part of the legend as well…
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Robert LyonsRandolph Carter [HR]
Jeff MotherheadJoel Manton [HR] Marcus Staab
Krankenschwester [NR] Leoni Beckenbach
Nurse [NR] Leoni Beckenbach
KameraSteadicam Operator Markus Eckert
Kamera1. KameraassistentAlexander LonyKranoperator
Kamera1. KameraassistentCan Elbasi
LichtOberbeleuchter Tim OttensteinHauptdreh
MaskeSFX MaskenbildnerinSandra Steineck
Postproduction/VFX3D ArtistPatrick Wodstrcil
Postproduction/VFX3D Artist Sven Esch
Postproduction/VFX2D ArtistMartin Bauer [1]3D Design
Postproduction/VFXDigital Effects DesignerTimo MenrathVFX Compositing
Postproduction/VFXDigital Film CompositorAndreas Nehls


Church Hill Pictures [us]


Geschäftsbereich FirmaAnmerkung
VFX / PostproduktionBild/Schnitt, Editing Uncompressor | Digital Film EditingCineon Workflow // 2011
 Sascha Alexander Renninger2011H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival [us]Best Short Lovecraft Adaptationgewonnen
 Florian Eisner2012Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival [us]Best Editingnominiert
 Sascha Alexander Renninger2012Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival [us]Best International Horror Shortgewonnen
 Sascha Alexander Renninger2012Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival [us]Best Special Visual Effectsnominiert