Dokumentarfilm | 2004 | Gesellschaft, Historisch, Politik | Argentinien, USA


    Shot in Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Germany and Italy, «Nazi Gold In Argentina» uncovers controversial evidences about the arrival to Argentina of Nazi war criminals along with their great fortunes. It also exposes the involvement of Swiss banks and the Vatican. By means of unprecedented testimonies, carefully produced re-enactments and the expertise of worldwide known researchers, it brings light upon the darkest heritage of Nazism. The Story The story begins in Patagonia, deep south in Argentina, where researchers look for the remains of a German U boat landing. This search leads them to Argentina during the ’30 before Second World War, a time when anti-Semitism flourished in the country. Huge amounts of money were transferred to this country in order to be used for espionage and propaganda. The friendship of colonel Peron with a powerful banker, who played a crucial role in the transfer of funds to Argentina, was accelerated by the detention of a man sent by Peron
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Federico Deym.Dramatizaciones [NR]
    Rogelio García Lupo.Dramatizaciones [NR]
    Uki GoñiEntrevistado [NR]
    Daniel Gorga.Dramatizaciones [NR]
    Ricardo LaurenceInterwieu [NR]
    Donato Menéndez ÁlvarezInterwieu [NR]
    Claudio Ortega.Dramatizaciones [NR]
    Manuel UrrizaInterwieu [NR]
    KameraKameramann/DoPPacho Guerty
    ProducerProduzentPedro Félix Leda
    Production Design / SzenenbildArt DirectorOscar Carballo
    ProduktionHerstellungsleiterin (Line Producerin)Viviana Cejas
    ProduktionErster Aufnahmeleiter Toni Hervida
    RegieRegisseurRolo Pereyra


    Ledafilms S.A. [ar]
    Rolo Pereyra2004INCAA Award - Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes ABest Projection Developmentgewonnen
    Rolo Pereyra2005Condor de PlataMejor Documentalgewonnen