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Beyond the Frame − Zwischen Berlin und Aleppo (2015-2018)

Sparte Dokumentarfilm
Regie diverse
Ausführende Produktion ravir film GbR  
Statusin Produktion
KontaktpersonUwe Nadler
Kontakt0351 / 33 23 346

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  Drehbuch Drehbuchautor  Omar Shalsh
  Drehbuchautor  Robert Dobe
  Regie Regisseur  Robert Dobe
  Regisseur  Omar Shalsh

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  ravir film GbR 

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A hard drive containing unaltered film footage of the Syrian civil war... and the attempt of two young men to understand the killed filmmaker behind it.

Syria Inside was to be the name of the film, for which journalist and director Tamer Alawam and photographer Claudia Ruff went to the Syrian conflict area. It was supposed to become a film about love, hope and respect for the people, who have, for four years now, been confronted with the realities of war on a daily basis. But the vision the two of them shared was destroyed in a grenade attack on September 9th 2012, during which Tamer lost his life. All that is left, is Tamer's perspective in form of digital film footage on a hard drive which Claudia brought back to Germany ...

When Omar Shalash hears of his friend Tamer's death, he can not simply ignore his vision. He receives the hard drive containing the haunting images and decides to use the material and convert it into a personal film about Tamer. Omar knows that Tamer wasn't just a photographer and journalist for TV and print media, but also part of the active opposition – the reason, he went to prison multiple times. What was it, that Tamer wanted to achieve with his film? Was he looking for revenge for everything the Assad-regime did to him or was it peace in his home country he was hoping for?

Omar shows his colleague and friend Robert Dobe the film footage on the hard drive. Robert has never before seen the war as intimately and immediately as in Tamer's footage. Suddenly, the war is not only a footnote in the news, but a part of his own reality. The war in the distance takes a hold on him. He wants to become actively involved.
But just as many other “outsiders” confronted with war, Robert feels overwhelmed and powerless. What can he do against the war in Syria? What can society do? Are there pacifist means to stop this war? Robert starts looking for answers – a search, that takes him to various organizations and interview partners in Germany and Europe.

Three years after the death of Tamer, two young people start on their separate journeys: Omar visits Tamer's brother who still lives in Syria and remembers, why and how Tamer became an activist. He interviews Claudia, the friend and photographer working with Tamer, who filmed his last minutes. He further begins contacting Syrian peace activists, who, in the meantime, had to move into exile.
Robert on the other hand, talks to people in Germany who engage in the difficult topic of the Syrian war in one way or another. He interviews psychologist Wolfgang Frindte, for whom the war in Syria already has left its mark on the German society – dividing it into either PEgIdA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) or „a Culture of Welcome”.

Searching for visions of a peaceful future, both friends meet with political activists from the Center for Political Beauty and peace activists of the new-age community „Tamera“. The dream for the future is always „society without war“. But what can involvement for peace in our daily lives look like – here, in the western hemisphere and there, in Syria? (

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  Drehort/e Berlin, Frankfurt, Halle, Dresden, Wilhelmshaven, evtl Türkei
  Förderungen Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung - Nachwuchsförderung: 49.000 € (1/2017)
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  Farbe/SW Farbe

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