Poster - The Great Fortune

Das große Glück

  • The Great Fortune (Internationaler Titel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2015-2016 | Deutschland


Mirco Kuball, the protagonist of „The Great Fortune“, a millionaire living alone in a huge castle. The camera follows him and his chauffeur on his way between luxurious boutiques, his dentist, massagist, cafés, etc. Yes, he has the down syndrome, and yes, he happens to fall in love with guys. But, much more important, he’s an artist which, as he states, „means being an actor. It has a lot of meanings. I am here. Or I am not here. But I’m still alive. And my house belongs to me.“ (


Expander Film
Kirsten Burger2016Belgrade Int. Documentary Festival [rs]Grand Prizegewonnen
 Mikko Gaestel2016Belgrade Int. Documentary Festival [rs]Grand Prizegewonnen