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And Now, Love (2016-2017)

Arbeitstitel The Heart of the Dream
Sparte Dokumentarfilm
Regie Jill Demby Guest
DrehbuchJill Demby Guest
Ausführende Produktion Dreamscape Entertain...
ProduktionslandDeutschland, USA

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 Schauspieler/in Rollename Synchronschauspieler/in / Sprecher/in
    Narrator  Peter Coyote 

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  Drehbuch Drehbuchautorin  Jill Demby Guest
  Kamera Kameramann/DoP  Tom Hurwitz
  Kameramann/DoP  Christoph Nicolaisen German Part of Shoot
  Licht Beleuchter  Arkadiy Statsenko German Part of Shoot
  Producer Produzentin  Jill Demby Guest
  Executive Producer  Steve Koch
  Produktion Herstellungsleiterin (Line Producerin)  Edith Becker
  Herstellungsleiter (Line Producer)  Mathias Schwerbrock
  Produktionsleiterin  Eva Franzen German Part of Shoot
  Produktionsassistentin  Katja Schneider
  Location Manager  Michael Samlenski German Part of Shoot
  Regie Regisseurin  Jill Demby Guest
  Schnitt Editor  Michael Palmerio
  Editor  Shane Ross

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  Dreamscape Entertainment [us]
  Film Base Berlin GmbH [de]

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The Heart of the Dream is a film about the life and work of Dr. Bernard W. Bail, an eminent psychiatrist/psychoanalyst in Beverly Hills, California who has been practicing for over sixty years.

In the 1990s, Dr. Bail made a breakthrough discovery in the field of psychoanalysis, one he calls "the mother's imprint," breaking away from traditional Freudian methodology. Imprinting occurs when the mother unconsciously projects negative feelings about herself into her still-developing foetus. The imprint functions like a subliminal message, always sending out its negative commands, inhibiting the individual from becoming their true self. Through careful dream analysis, Dr. Bail helps his patients identify the imprint. By uncovering their unconscious thoughts and feelings, patients become released, unconstructed, abandoning all the masks that cost them their truthfulness, simplicity, their essential selves.

Dr. Bail’s work has been likened to the recent findings in epigenetics about transgenerational trauma as seen in victims of war, physical abuse, holocaust survivors and the like. Dr. Gilbert Kliman, child trauma specialist, has said: "Dr. Bail is at the forefront and way ahead of the rest of the psychiatric world. He anticipated the transgenerational transmission of trauma which is now a very well established and highly studied phenomenon. For example, the work of Rachel Yehuda is quite prominent in confirming that parents pass on historical traumas. We’re not sure of all the methods by which they do it but modern genetics has a sub-specialty called epigenetics which is highly relevant to Dr. Bail's work.

There’s no reason to think that psychological factors are exempt from influencing the biology of the gametes and zygotes that go into conception. Dr. Bail is a worthy subject and a remarkable man who has contributed a lot of pioneering thoughts to his profession." Dr. Bail’s book, The Mother's Signature, describes his discovery in greater detail, complete with case studies and dream analyses. His memoir, Irmgard's Flute, tells his fascinating life story as a Jewish prisoner during World War II. While held captive in a German hospital, he fell in love with his German nurse who saved his life.

For his military service, he received the Distinguished Service Cross, three Distinguished Flying Crosses, five Air Medals, a Purple Heart, a Prisoner of War Medal, the 44th Bomb Group Presidential Citation, and the French Legion of Honor, the highest military honor bestowed by France.

At age 95, Dr. Bail is in high demand and continues to practice in Beverly Hills five days a week. He practices Holistic Psychoanalysis (the integration of mind, body and spirit) and does not believe in drug intervention. Patients who work with him say he has saved their lives.

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 Produktionsinformationen   Anzahl der Drehtage k.A.
  Lauflänge 95 Min.
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