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Severance / Vorproduktion (2015-2016)

Sparte Kinospielfilm
Regie Asger Leth
Ausführende Produktion Severance Film GmbH ...
ProduktionslandDeutschland, Großbritannien
GenreAction, Krimi, Thriller

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 Abteilung Tätigkeit Name Anmerkung
  Ausstattung Art Director  Andreas Olshausen Supervising
  Set Decorator (Ausstatterin)  Ingeborg Heinemann
  Ausstattungsassistentin  Natasha Pearl Art Department Assistant
  Außenrequisiteur  Alex Lambriev Prop Master
  Außenrequisitenassistenz  Tabea Schweiger Prop Master Assistant
  Location Scout  Thomas Lauterkorn
  Location Scout  Philipp von Doering
  Requisitenfahrer  Patrick Wiethoff Set Decoration Shopper
  Besetzung Casting Director  Iris Baumüller
  Castingassistentin  Anna Kugel kleine Nebenrolle Kind
  Drehbuch Drehbuchautor  Robert Edwards
  Drehbuchautor  Brad Mirman
  Filmgeschäftsführung Produktionscontrollerin  Sylke Nitz
  Produktionscontroller  Bernhard Speck
  Filmgeschäftsführerin  Claudia Pauly Payroll Accountant
  Assistent der Filmgeschäftsführung  Volker Kellner Kasse, Admin. Digital PO
  Kamera Kameramann/DoP  Ueli Steiger
  Kostüm Costume Supervisor  Till Fuhrmann Costume Coordinator
  Costume Supervisor  Heike Fademrecht Supervisor
  Kostümbildassistent  David Werer
  Producer Produzent  Lucas Foster
  Associate Producerin  Suza Kohlstedt
  Assistentin der*des Produzent*in  Sindy Krahl Produzent: Marco Mehlitz
  Produktion Produktionsleiter  Wolfgang Bajorat UPM (unit production manager)
  Produktionskoordinatorin  Dorothee Specht
  Erster Aufnahmeleiter  Matteo Canalis Wandel Unit Manager
  Personal Driver  Jan Mynter Asger Leth
  Regie Regisseur  Asger Leth
  Stunts Assistant Stunt Koordinator  Thorsten Peil (Stunt Department Coordinator)

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  GFM Films LLP [uk]
  Severance Film GmbH [de]

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 Geschäftsbereich Firma
  Ausstattung Kostüm   PATIN-A SHOP GmbH  Kostümequipment
  Produktion Transport, Reisen und Unterkunft   CMS - Car Motion Service GmbH 

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Frank McCallister is good at what he does; he's a successful thief, a bit of a loner, but he knows how to build a good team to achieve his goals. Right now he's in Berlin, once again pulling together his A Team and one by one they arrive from different corners of the world; Nico, Matthias, Gareth and Doyle, Frank's longtime lieutenant, straight from his comfortable life in Miami, a life that Frank has just royally screwed up for him. Finally there's Graham, the logistics guy. A Brit living in Berlin with his wife Katja and their daughter Anna. Katja and Frank don't see eye to eye...they have history and she couldn't be more clear in showing her contempt.

As the crew settle into their new digs, Frank unveils his plan; their target is €150m of laundered money, currently sitting in black market banker Klaus Schroeder's underground vault, deep below the River Spree. On hearing his target, the team think Frank has lost it and so he explains exactly how they will do it...this magnificant heist....and perhaps his swan-song...

The plan appears to work like clockwork but Frank soon realises that they have been double crossed by his supposedly loyal insider. As the team retreat to a safe house, one of the team is captured by Schroder's heavies and tortured until he finally gives up the team's whereabouts...and it is here that they kidnap their powerful bargaining tool, Anna.

Frank and the team gear up to rescue the kid - nothing is going to stand in their way. It's a massive battle but the team are hardened professionals and make every shot count...right until the bitter, bloody end.!severance/c4a4

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 Produktionsinformationen   Anzahl der Drehtage k.A.
  Drehzeit 12.10.2015 bis 18.12.2015
  Drehort/e Berlin
 Technische Informationen   Seitenverhältnis k.A.
  Farbe/SW Farbe