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Dokuserie | Folgen 1-5 | 2013-2014 | Essen, Gesellschaft | Italien


DrehorteBudapest, Lyon, Vienna, Torino & Barcelona


Lauflänge Episode52/42 Min.
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    10 markets, 10 complex systems that play a crucial role in their city : Barcelona, Budapest, Vienna, Lyon, Turin, Firenze, Toulouse, Zagreb, Riga and Freiburg. They all have a big belly : the city food market that nourishes a great part of their population.

    We all know what a food market is. We're attracted by the electrifying colours, pulsing sounds and gorging products. But what do we know about how a food market actually works? How do enormous quantities of food reach there every day and where does it come from? Who decides the prices and puts together thousands of different vendors in huge but concentrated areas? In the Belly of the City graphs the changes that have taken place at the heart of the cities food supply systems from an entirely new perspective.

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    RegieRegisseurStefano Tealdi
    Ton-PostproduktionSounddesigner Clemens Nürnberger