Dokumentarfilm | 2014 | arte, ZDF [de] | Deutschland


    Polina Semionova, world-famous ballet star from the Moscow suburbs.
    Towards the end of her training, Polina is discovered by one of the absolute greats of ballet, Vladimir Malakhov, who brings her to the German capital. She spends ten years at the Berlin Staatsballett and gains international renown.
    Now, at a career peak, she leaves the city that became her home and is off to a new beginning on another continent. Her decision brings many risks with it, both of a private and professional nature. What are her reasons for putting everything on the line?
    We accompany Polina Semionova, between Berlin and New York, between work and life, and enter her very personal universe (
    KameraKameramann/DoP Roland VuskovicNY und Munich Footage
    ProduktionProduktionspraktikantin Paulina Maja Moska
    ProduktionProduktionspraktikantin Sabrina Koch
    RegieRegisseurCarsten Fiebeler
    Ton-PostproduktionMischtonmeister Jürgen Schulz [1]+ komplette Vertonung


     Kordes & Kordes Film GmbH


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    ErstausstrahlungDeutschlandarteSonntag, 31.08.2014