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TV-Show | 2014 | SBS Australia [au] | Comedy | Australien


Episode One:
Sam Pang begins his Brasilian adventure in Rio de Janeiro, the beautiful city of beautiful people. With the help of local comedian Veronica Debom, Sam experiences a Carioca makeover, and after a wax and shopping trip for a sunga (the Brasilian budgie smuggler) is unleashed onto the beach, the heart and soul of Rio culture. Sam looks to be finding his feet, and some friends, as he tries a Brasilian version of beach volleyball played with the feet, but naturally spends more time falling flat on his face.

For his education in Brasilian nightlife and women, Sam meets with model, DJ and Madonna’s ex-boyfriend Jesus Luz. No visit to Rio would be complete without loosening the hips, so Sam takes to the streets for a dance off in the favela, and must keep in step with samba veterans in an underground club.

Episode Two:

The Brasilian crash course continues as Sam travels to Sao Paolo and Salvador. In Brasil’s largest city Sao Paolo, he spends a day high flying with local model-turned business mogul millionaire Cozete Gomes, whose preferred mode of transport is private helicopter. Then Sam comes back to reality with a trip to the favela to meet with rapper Criolo. Sam gets his football fix and learns to bend it like a Brasilian, and acquires a new taste for Amazonian cuisine. In the party town of Salvador, Sam learns to drum with the legendary carnival band Olodum and discovers that he was Afro-Brasilian in a past life. For one last adventure, Sam returns to Rio to audition for a role on a telenovella – the ultimate test as to whether this Aussie has what it takes to pass as a Brasilian.
Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
Sam Pangas himself [HR]
Veronica Debomas herself [NR]
Jesus Luzas himself [NR]
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorAlex Barry
DrehbuchDrehbuchautorBryan Moses
KameraKameramann/DoP Torbjörn Karvang
ProducerExecutive ProducerPaul Clarke
ProducerProducerinStephanie Werrett
ProducerAssociate ProducerDiogo Beltran
RegieRegisseurPaul Clarke


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