Imagefilm | 2013 | Deutschland




The idea for a paper clip with black and white scribbles, and hence the idea for simpleshow, grew out of a single brief to create an explanatory video. That was in 2008. simpleshow has now evolved into an international team of approximately 100 creative individuals, who work every day to reduce complexity and simplify communication for our customers.

There are potential applications everywhere for simpleshow: in marketing, e-learning, training, sales, for branding or to accompany corporate change processes. In both internal and external communication, there is nearly always a need to deliver nicely worded messages in a short space of time -- and this is where the simpleshow comes into its own! Either using the established, original, paper cutout animation technique or as a simpleshow custom with animation.
We have focused on quality and service from the very beginning. This is also why half of the German DAX corporations and countless other Fortune 500 companies already rely on simpleshow as a market leader in delivering simple explanations.

We tell you the simpleshow story in this film, provide an insight into our work and show you what the simpleshow brand and our team represent.


Martin Tischner Produktion