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Kinospielfilm | 2012-2013 | Deutschland





    SIENIAWKA is a journey into the irrational subconscious of humanity.
    STEFAN attempts to make his way through a post-industrial no-man’s land. An encounter with a stranger forces the line between reality and imagination to become blurred. The future and the past become intertwined. Visions of another time emerge from Stefan’s mind.
    The cold-blooded surgeon used to work in the dissecting room. There was a cinema where everyone would go on the weekend. A state of complete delirium caused a young man's heart to stop beating.
    In drifting through memory and the imaginary, Stefan witnesses death, mental illness and the margins of humanity in a passing world that resembles our own.
    All that remains are ruins - everything begins to dissolve. The concrete world no longer resembles the one that he was forced to leave. Internal chaos is mirrored by external chaos. (http://mengamukfilms.com/)
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    Stefan SzyszkaStefan [HR]