Kurzdokumentarfilm | 2011-2012 | Doku, Gesellschaft | Großbritannien


Lauflänge10 min.


    This gritty ten minute mini-pilot focuses on the non-uniformed police that patrol the streets of East London. Their job is to ask the questions most of us don't want to know the answers to, and to take on London's most dangerous gangs. Following 18 months of research, "The Fields" explores these men and how their private lives are affected by the choices they make on the job everyday. This is not a 9 to 5.

    We are treated to a compulsive and intense narrative, both micro in scale and detail yet epic in intensity.

    We follow three elite taskforce members as they battle their way through this harsh urban landscape. A brutal stabbing sets off a rapid chain of events which affects not only the police but also the community the gangs inhabit. Through compelling and intense narrative, we learn what it means to be a policeman in Hackney.

    The mini-pilot is designed to give a taster of what the television series will look like. (c) Wolfheart Productions
    ProducerProduzent Nick Hudson
    RegieRegisseurJack Burnford