Tage des Regens

  • Days of Rain (Internationaler Titel)
Dokumentarfilm | 2008-2010


    The thirteen-year-old Quynh lives with his parents and two siblings in a simple hut in a village by a river in central Vietnam.
    It's rainy season, the time when their village is repeatedly flooded. But this year, life changes for the poor family. A governmental program relocates their village to a new area. A lottery decides who gets the best spots on a safe hill. The family have drawn their luck. Still, building the new house will be a challenge for the entire family. The village's most reputable fortune-teller advises them to wait until "the day of the cat" to have their groundbreaking. Yet the rain gets worse, and time is short. They have a long road ahead, and only their courage, their optimism, and their belief keep them going.