Kurzspielfilm | 2010-2011 | Animation | Deutschland


    Ten year old Kentaro mourns the death of his father who died as fighter pilot in a plane crash many years ago. In his dreams Kentaro is haunted by visions of his father. He needs to find out what really happened back then and sets out on a journey with an uncertain outcome. His vision leads him into a bizarre and gloomy forest. At an enchanted lake Kentaro meets a mysterious water creature in which he recognizes his father. But the creature and the lake are under the rule of an evil ghost. Kentaro musters all his courage to fight the ghost. Will he succeed and save his father's soul? And what is the prize he is willing to pay?
    DrehbuchDrehbuchautor Wolf Christoph Zachariae
    DrehbuchStoryAlex Weimer
    DrehbuchStoryVito Lamanna
    ProducerProduzentinEsther Friedrich
    ProducerProduzentAlex WeimerStereo 3D, CGI
    RegieRegisseurVito Lamanna


     MovieBrats Pictures GmbH