TV-Film | 2009-2010 | BBC [uk] | Drama | Großbritannien




    AWOL is the tough but tender story of three brothers, H, 18, unemployed and into petty crime, Casey, an innocent, warm hearted 15-year-old with learning difficulties and 10-month-old Severino .

    The film starts when social services split the family up after the death of their mother. Casey takes the only action open to him; he ‘snatches’ his baby brother and goes on the run in search of his estranged father, Casey thinks that if he finds his dad everything will be alright.
    Schauspieler*inRollenameSynchronschauspieler*in / Sprecher*in
    Thomas Brodie-SangsterCasey [HR]
    Mandeep DhillonSeema [HR] Franciska Mirka Friede
    Aaron Taylor'H' Haliday Macken [HR]
    Michelle AsanteVenetia [NR]
    KameraKameramann/DoPWojciech Szepel
    Kamera1. KameraassistentChristian AllingerHD
    ProducerProducerinSarah FeildenKindle Entertainment
    RegieRegisseurMarc Munden
    Regie1. RegieassistentDan Winch


    Kindle Entertainment Ltd. [uk]